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“A design or style that simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effect.”

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I completed a 4-month program with Brett that focused on improving my running technique, preventing injury, developing confidence to tackle a distance (Coastal Classic – 30km) that seemed impossible (I was used to running 5km!) and learning the art of effective nutrition before, during and after a race. The lessons learnt and the confidence gained is unsurpassable! Brett was highly professional, knowledgable, approachable and attentive to my individual needs. His individualised coaching and genuine care for his clients’ success, as well as his good humour and relaxed manner, made it so easy to learn and take advice on board. Reaching the finish line on race day, injury free (and still smiling!), was an incredible feeling that I could not have achieved without Brett’s guidance! Thank you!!


I came to Brett with just one goal. “Help me to run injury free and remain energised for regular and continued exercise”.
With an holistic approach to the “athletes” health and wellbeing, Brett uses apparently simple techniques to help you reach your goals. Whilst the exercises appear simple, the skill and knowledge needed to bolt the program together to suit your development, certainly isn’t. It’s this adaptive and tailored approach that has helped me reach my goals. Not only am I able to run without aches and pains (at 42, that’s important), but Brett has improved my mobility, flexibility and strength, in all the areas that help towards efficient running.
Brett’s personality and enthusiasm has also given me a renewed excitement to exercise and general fitness which I will continue to build on. I look forward to working more with Brett in the future as I set myself new and greater goals to achieve.


I went to see Brett for assistance in helping me get back to sport after having a knee re-construction. I wanted to be able to return to sport fitter and faster than I was before my operation. I needed to achieve confidence with agility training, improve my speed and fitness as well as my upper body strength. Brett services are extremely recommended. His extensive knowledge, experience and skills will have you reaching your goals sooner than you could possibly image. I will definitely be utilising Brett services in the off-season and look forward to improving myself once again.


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With a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all physical products and services, your results become OUR priority. Private Health Fund Rebates are also available on request for Wollongong based services. If you are tired of big and boring and being lost in the fitness crowd then we are the choice for you. Top level coaching and attention to detail are just some of the things that we offer at no extra cost.

Get fit and discover movement, strength and performance like never before. And remember,

Less is more.