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Discover why Less is More…

Minimalism –

“A design or style that simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effect.”

Fitness through minimalism is achieved by following a few simple rules:

  1. Creating Movement, Strength and finally Performance,
  2. Quality over quantity and;
  3. Eliminating all elements that are not required with in programs, nutrition and lifestyle.

Through this approach Mr Minimalism is able to provide the highest standard of fitness solutions.

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Whether you live in Wollongong or not Mr Minimalism specializes in:

Mrs Minimalism provides quality coaching and programming for beginner and intermediate level runners in;

With a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all physical products and services, your results become OUR priority. Private Health Fund Rebates are also available on request for Wollongong based services. If you are tired of big and boring and being lost in the fitness crowd then we are the choice for you. Top level coaching and attention to detail are just some of the things that we offer at no extra cost.

Get fit and discover movement, strength and performance like never before. And remember,

Less is more.